a permacultural vision – eBook

This story conveys the sights, smells, textures, sounds, and logic of a civilization built using permaculture design and earthcare ethics.

Download the EPUB and PDF format of the eBook using the link below.


The main character of the story, Hope, unexpectedly returns to Earth and discovers a civilization that works with nature rather than against it; co-operates rather than competes; integrates rather than segregates; creates rather than consumes; values diversity as opposed to uniformity; and looks at Earth as the source of life rather than a resource.



–  EPUB and PDF formats of the story as a downloadable link from the “Get the eBook” button above.

–  Get the KINDLE edition via Amazon.

–  186 pages, 24,000 words, and 16 chapters.

–  2 symbols explaining core concepts of Permaculture and Watershed Democracy.

–  Bibliography with recommended readings for digging deeper into permaculture and ecological design.



Permaculture Design,  Permanent Agriculture,  Utopia,  Solar City,  Vertical Forests,  Food Forests,  Tree Crops,  Aquaculture,   Watershed Democracy,  Craft,  Appropriate Technology,  Nano-technology,  Chestnut Civilization,  Free University,  Ecology,  Abundance,  Harmony

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