Permaculture ramblings Utopia - eBook Update

Permaculture Fiction

Looking for something to read that is inspring, positive,synergistic, and optimistic?

Look no further, then the genre known as “permaculture fiction“.

Permaculture ramblings

What is “Permaculture”? Part 1

This is a question I get from friends whenever I bring up something I have been researching, or the ideas of a podcast I have been listening to. I try to answer as best as I can, but it is very hard to define a holistic and complex idea in a few sentences … The following essay explores the term “permaculture” and it’s definition.

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The cover image shows a flowering lovage plant and a wasp in my food forest project, the Balsam Savanna. Working with nature allows multiple creatures and life forms to benefit.

Utopia - eBook Update

Utopia: A Permacultural Vision – eBook now Available

The eBook version of “Utopia: A Permacultural Vision” is now available!

You can take a preview of the first chapter of the story here, or grab yourself an EPUB or PDF version of the story and dive in!

Utopia - eBook Update

Utopia: A Permacultural Vision eBook launch announcement

I am very excited to share at the story I have been writing for the past two years about a world where permacultural design and earthcare ethics are common, is in the hands of my editor for a final edit… and is almost ready to launch!